so i was watching one of jimin’s dance practices and……


yes interesting…. BUT WAIT !!!


wow what is this ?????

does park jimin have. .. …..  A BOOTY 



and this is why he remains president of the thick thighs and booty club

Jimin booty. Yes please!

- Daegu

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Honestly, I was scared about how I would be as the eldest in BTS. I wondered if I, who have always been the youngest, could be like a fence as the eldest. For me, the older brother’s role was always an awesome one, to support the younger ones and make sure they don’t fall. I’ve been having the same worries now as I did one year ago. But I think I’m lucky that I am the eldest in BTS, and not somewhere else. Namjoon, who is a pillar for the other 6 members. Yoongi, who acts like he doesn’t care, but takes care of you behind your back. Hoseok, who always provides endorphines. And the 3 youngest members who always listen to the older members. Although I am still lacking, it is because these friends make up for what I lack that I am able to play the role of the eldest. - Jin

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not so innocent kid!xiuhan stretching + baby satan soo

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can you feel jimin’s overwhelming love for jungkook

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I might be annoying but atleast my lock screen isn’t a selfie

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ah yes, summer break *wears the same clothes for 3 days straight*

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favorite scenes of jeongguk in mvs. for youngjiae

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‘눈,코,입’ (EYES, NOSE, LIPS) - BANGTAN BOM | 4,420 plays

jeongguk singing ‘눈,코,입’ (EYES, NOSE, LIPS) x

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keep scrolling bc this is just hoseok being hoseok

keep scrolling bc this is just hoseok being hoseok

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